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Peer Leaders Network Program


Peer Leaders Network will be delivered in 40 schools in 2012-2013
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The Peer Leaders Network offers high school students training and skills development in the areas of leadership, facilitation, and communication in conflict situations in schools and communities. Working with 10-15 students in each partner school throughout the academic year, the Peer Leaders Network complements and enhances existing initiatives in schools or start new ones where none exist. In addition to three interactive workshops, participants attend a regional Peer Leaders Forum, take part in a Peer Leaders Outing, and learn and interact with other Peers virtually through Peer Leaders Online. Peers also take part in a training session called Teaching Peers to Lead that prepares them to deliver diversity workshops to elementary and middle school children.


All the components of the Peers program are designed to equip students with the motivation, knowledge and skill to effect positive change in their school. The goal of being a Peer is to collaborate with other students within the network to plan school-wide initiatives that will address diversity issues for the entire student population. These activities and events are designed to demonstrate the value of diversity and inclusion while measurably reducing incidents of anti-diversity behaviour like bullying and exclusion!


Our educational model is driven by dialogue, reflection and strategies that benefit bullies, victims and bystanders alike. We are guided by ongoing collaboration and consultation with educators and researchers who point the way through the sharing of best practices and sound pedagogy.


Peer Leaders Network is a successful whole-school approach that arms students with a repertoire of skills, strategies and tools to help them create a culture of respect and understanding.


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Components of the Peer Leaders program are:



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